Our BJJ Classes Turn Kids, Teens, and Adults into Warriors!

Gain the highest level of discipline in your body and mind through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! This amazing combat sport that gives you the chance to use your strengths to your benefit. Height or weight doesn't have much bearing if you are using the correct strategy and technique to put down your opponent! With this theory, you will become your own confidante and learn to trust yourself and the process!

  • Practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu drills and exercises with your teammates
  • Gain the value of self-defense for yourself, friends, and loved ones
  • Embrace brotherhood and practice sportsmanship no matter the results

Sign up today so you can unleash the champion within! We offer Kids BJJ and Teen/Adult BJJ classes.

Kids BJJ: 6-12yrs


While Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is excellent at training you on the BJJ training grounds, it is also a great way to learn self-defense. Not all fitness programs are capable of teaching you fitness, martial arts, self-defense, and strategic skills in just one program!

  • Get on the mat and start training until you learn and thrive
  • Learn how to handle stress, pressure, and mental distractions
  • Become highly skilled at predicting your opponent's next move

Open to all ages.

Be one step ahead! Book your first BJJ class at IMC Prospect today! We offer both Kids and Teens/Adult BJJ programs.

Kids BJJ: 6-12yrs